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Credits No recent wiki edits to this page. Juiced 2 is the sequel to the racing game, Juiced. The game features many new features, new cars, improved graphics, and more customization options for your cars.

A second, multiplayer demo was also released, on the 14th of September It seems likely that Juiced 2 may be the final game in the Juiced series, as THQ have sold the publishing rights for this game, as well as that of the Stuntman franchise.

Single Player Single player in Juiced 2 begins with you creating your character in the game. This character will be seen when browsing the menus, in your car, and also before a race.

The menu is designed to look like the inside of a nightclub, complete with a dancer in the background. Juice Games removed the calendar and respect system from this game, so they no longer are available.

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The game starts you off in League 8, which is the lowest league in the game. The higher the league, the faster the cars available to you. League 8 features standard cars, such as Honda Civics.

As you move up in leagues, the cars you can purchase become more exotic and have superior performance. You can also upgrade your car so that it is suitable to race in a higher league. Character customization in the game is relatively basic, in comparison to some games.

You select a preset character, and you can change the clothing. The character customization option is only available in the Xbox , Playstation 3, and PC versions of the game.

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Car modification in this game is vastly increased, in comparison to the previous Juiced game. In fact, the car customization is still superior to most racing games available currently. To move into a higher league, players must complete a certain number of the goals they are given.

Single Player

Some of these goals are things such as winning a certain amount from gambling on one race, winning a pink slip from a certain person, intimidating a certain driver, and other such goals. Some of the later goals given are incredibly hard, so Juiced 2 does not remain an easy game for long.

The game will build up a DNA strand of your own unique style. Your DNA can change depending on how much nitrous you use, how much you gamble on a race, if you drive aggressively, and more.

There are three possible ways your Driver DNA can go: Burning you do this a lot , Neutral, and Ice Cold. Other players can view your DNA online before a race. The Lab contains the DNA of several famous drivers, such as drifters.

There is also a French football player you can race against. Ursula Mayes cannot be raced against in the Lab, despite the fact she has the best DNA of any drivers in the game.


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