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Overview[ edit ] The IDEF0 Functional Modeling method is designed to model the decisions, actions, and activities of an organization or system. Ross and SofTech, Inc. In its original form, IDEF0 includes both a definition of a graphical modeling language syntax and semantics and a description of a comprehensive methodology for developing models.

Основные методологии обследования организаций. Стандарт IDEF0.

IDEF0 should assist in organizing system analysis and promote effective communication between the analyst and the customer through simplified graphical devices". IDEF0 is capable of graphically representing a wide variety of business, manufacturing and other types of enterprise operations to any level of detail. It provides rigorous and precise description, and promotes consistency of usage and interpretation. It is well-tested and proven through many years of use by government and private industry.

диаграммы idef0 функциональной понятие

It can be generated by a variety of computer graphics tools. Numerous commercial products specifically support development and analysis of IDEF0 diagrams and models. The ICAM program identified the need for better analysis and communication techniques for people involved in improving manufacturing productivity.

A function model is a structured representation of the functions, activities or processes within the modeled system or subject area. An information model represents the structure and semantics of information within the modeled system or subject area. A dynamics model represents the time-varying behavioral characteristics of the modeled system or subject area.

By the s, IDEF0 and IDEF1X techniques are widely used in the government, industrial and commercial sectors, supporting modeling efforts for a wide range of enterprises and application domains.

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Air Force in the early s. For new systems, it may be used first to define the requirements and specify the functions, and then to design an implementation that meets the requirements and performs the functions.

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For existing systems, IDEF0 can be used to analyze the functions the system performs and to record the mechanisms means by which these are done. The result of applying IDEF0 to a system is a model that consists of a hierarchical series of diagrams, text, and glossary cross-referenced to each other. The two primary modeling components are functions represented on a diagram by boxes and the data and objects that inter-relate those functions represented by arrows.

Each activity is described by a verb-based label placed in a box.

Inputs are shown as arrows entering the left side of the activity box while output are shown as exiting arrows on the right side of the box. Controls are displayed as arrows entering the top of the box and mechanisms are displayed as arrows entering from the bottom of the box.

A directed line, composed of one or more arrow segments, that models an open channel or conduit conveying data or objects from source no arrowhead to use with arrowhead.

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There are 4 arrow classes: A rectangle, containing a name and number, used to represent a function. The immediate environment in which a function or set of functions on a diagram operates.

The partitioning of a modeled function into its component functions. The junction at which an IDEF0 arrow segment going from source to use divides into two or more arrow segments. May denote unbundling of meaning. An activity, process, or transformation modeled by an IDEF0 box identified by a verb or verb phrase that describes what must be accomplished. The junction at which an IDEF0 arrow segment going from source to use merges with one or more other arrow segments to form a single arrow segment.

функциональной диаграммы idef0 понятие

May denote bundling of arrow segment meanings Node: A box from which child boxes originate; a parent box. The two primary modeling components are: As shown by Figure 3 the position at which the arrow attaches to a box conveys the specific role of the interface. The controls enter the top of the box. The inputs, the data or objects acted upon by the operation, enter the box from the left.

12. Методология idef0. Виды диаграммы idef0

The outputs of the operation leave the right-hand side of the box. Mechanism arrows that provide supporting means for performing the function join point up to the bottom of the box. An example of a Top Level Context Diagram for an information system management process is shown in Figure 3. From this diagram lower-level diagrams are generated.


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